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Today everybody has a camera. And seemingly everyone has their own website, Youtube channel or Instagram feed. Never has there been more content available online, but at Viva la Zoom we thrive on the challenge to stand out from the rest!

With our skills we can make your footage sing a melody to cut through the online noise and actually make people watch, listen and engage.

Our professionally trained and experienced editors are storytellers and work creatively with the latest editing technology and techniques. They will make your footage leap out and tell your brand’s story.

We can edit your footage to make it feel modern, contemporary and relevant to your audience. We’re called Viva because we want to give life to our productions and to make your brand live through video!

If you’ve got footage from an event you’ve held, we’ll make a video that’ll make people wish they were there.

If you’ve filmed your own Vlog footage but can’t make the vision in your head a reality for your channel, get in touch. We can take your footage and align it with your brand, style and message to help you retain and grow your audience.

Got an old video that’s looking a little dated now compared to your competitors content? We can bring the footage back to life and give it a up-to-date feel and even use graphics to get a brand new message across in your video.

Take a look at some examples of our editing work below and see how we’ve taken our clients raw footage and moulded it into modern, engaging videos.

We have recently changed the tools and systems to use for video editing.

We’ve documented the process in these two blog posts:
The switch from Adobe Premiere to Final Cut Pro
Adobe Premiere vs Final Cut Pro; The pros and cons

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