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Content is king and a great way to make your website or social media feed more dynamic and fresh is to have regular and professional looking video updates.

What is social media video production? Well they could be case studies of what you’ve recently been working on; behind the scenes footage of a big project; a monthly update on what’s happened this month in your company; or a simple short video showcasing one of your products or services.

But the key to a successful social media account and web presence is both content and consistency. So planning a social media strategy which involves social media video is vital to any business.

We have been producing web videos since 2008, so whether you’re an established company looking to freshen things up or a newcomer who needs to increase your brand awareness we can talk you through the whole process and help plan your video content for the immediate and long-term future.

After discussing with you your company values and aims we will offer a wide range of options that’ll help you speak directly to your client base and keep them regularly coming back to your site and social media accounts.

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Good reasons to have web video and social media video:

Speak directly to your audience

The simple combination of moving images and sound can help you speak directly to your audience in the tone and style that fits best with your company or brand.

Share is caring

Video content is about sharing as much as promoting. Audiences love hearing about developments and behind the scenes stories. Keep your audience engaged by sharing your stories.

Increase brand awareness

Whether you’re a startup or an established company regular and updated video content on your website and social media channels can help reinforce brand awareness in your audience.

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