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We offer 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics Manchester, combining the best tools of the trade with the technical aptitude and creative verve to deliver wow projects every time!

We are excited by the huge potential motion graphics can bring to your video project!

From animating your logo, text and graphic assets in a 2D environment, to creating a whole bespoke 3D world, the possibilities are endless!

We firmly believe that our future as a business lies in offering a combination of filmed footage with 2D and 3D animation and motion graphics. Using these complementary media can take a project to the next level of interest and impact.

The versatility and creative options offered by the software and techniques we are using, mean that the real winner is always the customer.

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Some examples of our motion graphics projects:


Why Motion Graphics?

With many organisations deciding to halt live shoots due to concerns about COVID, customers are increasingly opting for an animated video to deliver their projects. Motion graphics Manchester offers so many advantages:


Access All Areas

With motion graphics we can depict scenes that are really hard to film in real life. Show what happens inside a machine, visit a nuclear power station without leaving the office, zoom in to show a tiny component, zoom out to show the bigger picture.


Use the Power of Metaphor

Animation is the perfect medium for taking abstract concepts and making them tangible and impactful. Colours, shapes and moving elements can represent beliefs or emotions. If you want to talk about your company’s values, or how a product makes people feel, this is a brilliant way to do it.

Surprise and Delight!

Animation can be fun! From technicolour fantasy worlds to photorealistic scenes, we can do so much with MGFX! Deliver a serious message through stunning imagery, use visual humour, take the viewer on a journey that reveals something new about your product or service. Whatever reaction you’re looking for, animation can help your organisation stand out from the crowd.

Take Control

One of the most exciting things about MGFX is that it offers you control. We are no longer reliant on real world considerations such as weather or the performance of interviewees. We can create a virtual world that perfectly illustrates your message without a film crew interrupting your daily business.


How we work with you

We listen carefully to your message and craft a script that hits the high notes with style and economy.

We create a concept for the animation and send you style frames: still images that depict a scene from the future animation.

This gives you a chance to see your ideas brought to life and have your say before we get to the animation stage.

Then we create the animation and deliver a first draft so you have another opportunity to give feedback.

Then we send you your finished motion graphics film ready to download, upload, and use in any way you see fit.

Leaders in Sport recently used our 3D motion graphics services for their international online event. 

Tools we use

We primarily use Maxon Cinema 4D for all our 3D and motion graphics needs. Using this software, we are able to create 3D assets from scratch using polygonal modelling.

Then we give them a material, a skin. This is a key part of the process because the skin often determines how realistic the object is (if you’re after a realistic look, of course).

Next, we animate the elements that need to move (though sometimes it is better to animate the elements before applying materials) and finally, everything needs to be rendered. Rendering is a bit like baking a cake; once you’ve put all the ingredients together, you render them to set them and make them ready for consumption.

We also work on 2D motion graphics projects and for this we use Adobe After Effects. It’s still a complex program, but we have used it for so long that it feels like home. After FX is also the program where the integration compositing of both 3D and 2D happens.

We'd love to work with you on your next video production project.