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Talk to us for a corporate video that is designed, scripted and produced to deliver your company’s message in a slick, snappy and efficient way.

We are small, experienced team with an instinctive grasp of what works in video, offering a full range of skills from scriptwriting and production management to filming, editing, 3D animation and motion graphics. But we don’t just offer these skills; we listen to you and help you decide exactly what your project needs.

We spend time before any production commences, talking with you to determine the key messages of your video. This allows us to build a narrative which showcases what’s unique about your business, delivering your message in the most effective way.

Your corporate video could take many forms. It can be long or short, contain talking heads, interviews, motion graphics or a narrator but it will only achieve its aims as a bespoke marketing tool if it successfully conveys your personal message to the viewer.

The good news is, you don’t have to be big to have a big impact! Smaller companies can reap huge benefits from video content tailored to their budget!

Viva La Zoom is a corporate video production company in Manchester. We we also cover and film events and conferences. If you are looking to feature your brand or message on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter or YouTubem then look at our social media video production services.


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Things to consider when producing a Corporate Video


Keep Your Message Focussed and Concise

On a web page or brochure customers can scan through text or pages and (usually) find the information they are looking for. Likewise a savvy customer can cut through a sales pitch and ask the questions they want the answers to. The difference with video is that if you talk too much or deliver too much information that isn’t relevant to them, they’ll simply stop watching.

This is why having clearly defined and digestible key messages for your video is so important: if you have a customer’s attention, you must give them the information they were expecting when they pressed play.

Think Carefully About The “Who” And “What” In Your Corporate Video

Who is onscreen and what is happening in your video will largely be informed by your key messages, but again think focus and brevity: if you would like people speaking in your video, who would be best to give an overview to your company? Who would be best to talk about your great customer service? And would it be beneficial to use some of your customers giving testimonials regarding your event, product or service? Having more than one person delivering the same message can be inefficient both on the filming day and in terms of keeping your viewers attention.

Have A Call To Action In Your Corporate Video

The call to action is often the implicit or explicit point of a promotional video: do you want to increase sales? Increase awareness? Have more web hits? Then make sure your audience is aware if you have an event coming up, what your web address is or they know about your new product range.

You don’t have to think of your video as being completely sales focussed, or trying to get the hard sell. The fact is, if people are already viewing your video then they are already interested in what you do. The easiest way to think of a call to action is to think: what does the viewer want to know, and what do you want them to know?

Where can they buy your products? When are they available? When is your next event? Video is all about communication and using it well means communicating enough information to your viewer for them to understand you and your company, what you do and where to find more information if required.


Promote and Distribute your Corporate Video

Video is everywhere right now, and the ways of accessing video are constantly multiplying, so the good news is that your potential audience has never been bigger! The key is to think of all the possibilities for accessing your audience to make sure you get the most out of your video investment.

you can promote your new video online on your website, social media sites (Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok and others), on a Google My Business post or profile and many other places. It could be displayed on a screen at an event or exhibition, or you could even put it onto customised USB pens which you then hand out to prospective customers. 

Not all videos may be suitable for all the distribution possibilities listed above, for example at the moment Instagram only allows videos up to one minute in length, and similarly if you were intending to display your video on an exhibition stand then you may have to use it without audio in some exhibitions.

If you were thinking about showcasing your video primarily on social media or at an exhibition then you may want to think about making a video with the key information in text or graphic format in order for viewers to be able to capture all the key information they require without the need for audio. The promotional video filmed in Knutsford, Cheshire below shows an example of how Anytime Fitness used graphics so their audiences could watch their video on social media with or without the audio playing.

We'd love to work with you on your next video production project.