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Do you need an explainer video with voiceover and motion graphics? An interview-based testimonial video? A 3D animated promo to advertise your annual event that’s suddenly had to go online?

Whatever your requirements, we provide a full video production service to deliver it.

If you are new to video we’ll help you make an informed choice of the best solution for your project. If you have experience in visual media and already know what you want – even better!

We are small, intelligent team with an instinctive grasp of what works in video, offering a huge range of skills from scriptwriting and production management to filming, editing, 3D animation and motion graphics. But we don’t just offer these skills; we listen to you and help you decide exactly what your project needs.

How do you connect with your audience? What’s the best way to deliver your message? How can you leverage your budget to get the best possible results?

You don’t have to know all the answers, but you do need to work with people who ask the right questions! Successful video production is all about collaboration. We will work with you every step of the way, helping you make the right choices to maximise your impact.

Working with Viva La Zoom

Flexible and Instinctive

We have worked with a huge variety of organisations, from multinationals to charities, local government and educational establishments.

Being a small multi-disciplinary video production team, we are very flexible in our approach. We quickly grasp the ethos of your organisation and adapt to your way of working.

Experienced and Efficient

We have a wealth of experience in producing corporate videos, product videos, social media videos, event and conference films, explainer videos, training videos and many more.

Whilst we love having time to plan and reflect, we can also act quickly and turn around projects to super tight deadlines.

We are also multilingual, speaking Spanish, French, German and Italian as well as English.

Clear, Compelling and Impactful

The content we produce; scripts, live action footage, 3D animation and motion graphics is always of the highest quality.

We want our video production work to be meaningful and compelling; to deliver your message with utmost clarity, whilst also evoking an emotional response that surprises and leaves your viewers wanting more.

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