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Corporate video

When I met Anne and Catherine of Yipiyap, I was immediately impressed by their passion for their business. The concept of Yipiyap is simple and brilliant: matching talented gap year students with schools where pupils require one-to-one tuition in maths, English and science. As a former teacher, I understood how valuable one-to-one attention could be in terms of building pupils’ confidence. By employing gap year students, Yipiyap are able to offer this service to schools at a very competitive rate, whilst tutors benefit from valuable work experience. Anne described it as a win-win-win situation and I could see she was right. This was truly advantageous for pupils, schools and tutors alike. If I were a dragon I’d have invested on the spot!

Anne and Catherine needed two films: one aimed at recruiting high calibre sixth formers to become tutors and another to showcase the advantages of Yipiyap to school decision makers. The brief was to produce films which had a fresh, dynamic feel using clean graphics and an upbeat soundtrack. It was also very important to create a sense of authenticity, filming in real school environments and conducting unscripted interviews with school staff, pupils and Yipiyap tutors. We were granted access to film in a primary and a secondary school for just half a day each, so the preproduction stage was key to the success of the project. I liaised with Anne and Catherine to produce a list of questions for interviewees and to plan cutaway shots that would illustrate the impact of Yipiyap. After that it was a case of capturing the magic as it happened!

Yipiyap needed the films quickly as they were about to embark upon a major recruitment drive. We were able to turn the edit around quickly and made sure all the tweaks were in place so they were completely happy with the final product. Anne tells me the films have been extremely successful in recruiting tutors and schools. We look forward to working with Yipiyap again!

We had a fantastic experience working with Jo, Guille and the team at VLZ to produce our promotional video.

For the shoots we were working in quite limited conditions – to 2 schools’ timetables and venue restrictions – but VLZ were very well organised and everyone who took part : Headteachers, class teachers, our tutors, teenage students or 10 year old pupils felt really comfortable during the filming.

Jo and Guille had taken the time beforehand to understand what we were trying to portray in our tutoring service and the end result is just what we wanted – bright, colourful and on brand without being too corporate.  I particularly liked the fact that they took our views into account post production, bringing our vision to life and tweaking it till it was just right with graphics and music spot on.

Both videos have been really well received and have helped enormously with our tutor recruitment and in showcasing our tutoring service. Excellent value for money. We’d highly recommend!


CEO of Yipiyap, Yipiyap