ThermoScientific BioPharMoore – Corporate Video Production

Rowan Moore is a Vertical Marketing Manager at Thermo Fisher Scientific, a multinational biotechnology product development company.
If this sounds very complex, one of Rowan’s tasks is to de-mystify scientific processes, bringing subjects like peptide mapping and mass spectrometry to life through the medium of vlogs. Rowan self-shoots her ‘BioPharMoore’ vlogs and was looking for a reliable company that could take her footage and give it some zing, with clever editing and eye-catching graphics. We rose to the challenge and the result is a very fruitful ongoing partnership.

One of our first steps was to offer Rowan and her colleagues some training so they could improve their filming techniques; learning, for example, how to capture crystal-clear audio and how to film cutaway shots to give us more options in the edit. We organised a training day at Thermo Fisher Scientific’s Headquarters in Altrincham. During the morning session Guille and David demonstrated camera and audio techniques, while the afternoon was an opportunity of Rowan and her colleagues to get some hands-on experience of shooting. The day was a great success and Rowan and her team said the training had made them much more confident behind the lens.
Since then Rowan has gone on to shoot a whole variety of vlogs from process-based films to interview-style pieces. Her BioPharMoore series has been very popular in the scientific community and she has received very positive feedback. We are looking forward to some fantastic future collaborations with Rowan and her team!

In 2015 we entered the world of videography. Charged with the development of a vlog channel and after undertaking extensive rounds of evaluation, Viva La Zoom were head and shoulders above the rest for us to partner with in the development of our ‘BioPharMoore’ vlog. Their attention to detail, attentiveness and hard-working attitude perfectly matched ours at Thermo Fisher Scientific. The first stage of our journey was to receive hands-on training from Guille and David, and it’s safe to say we all learned a lot that day! The training was pitched at just the right level and Viva La Zoom took the time to understand the look and feel that we were aspiring to. The team are always happy to provide advice and guidance as we need it and they always deliver on time. For amateur videographers like us, they perform miracles with the quality of their edit work. Since launching the series in May 2016 we have achieved thousands of views of our videos, and here are just some of the great comments we have had:

“I loved your vlog 😉 Very cool. I can’t wait to see Moore Lol!”

“Brilliant – love it! The out-takes are a great add. Nicely done.”

“Hello, when can we expect the second episode of BioPharMoore?”

We are in the process of scheduling time for Viva La Zoom to come and shoot some of our customers, we can’t wait to see the results and look forwards to our video future with Viva La Zoom by our side.

Dr. Rowan Moore

BioPharma Marketing Manager, Thermo Fisher Scientific