OMass – Thermo Fisher Scientific – Scientific Corporate Video

Some projects just lend themselves to be easily filmed. Brand-new laboratories, state of the art equipment, beautiful historic location, and a Professor Dame no-less: OMass in Oxfordshire really was a gift for a scientific corporate video!

OMass is an Oxford University spin-out company founded by Professor Dame Carol Robinson, which applies mass spectrometry technology to drug discovery.

Obviously filming a working laboratory and their founders requires some time and preparation, and the last thing any business really wants is a film crew stopping their business from doing their day-to-day business. Which is why our pre-production and storyboarding was so important for this project; it enabled us to know the shots and content we required to make the video to make the filmmaking process as efficient and time conscious as possible.

In the production phase of the video we wanted the video to be flowing and to really show off the great locations we were filming at in Oxford. In the labs we used the DJI Ronin-M Steadicam to enable us to move around the locations and labs fluidly, while a rail-slider was used to show off details of the high-tech equipment in use. For exteriors we used a camera crane to lift up the viewpoint and really give the audience a unique look at the OMass workplace.

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