MMU Centre for Biomedicine

MMU Promotional Video

As Head of Research Centre, Professor Mark Slevin wanted to make a very slick video with extremely high production values. He was keen to produce a tightly-scripted film which showcased his Centre’s excellent facilities and innovative work. Guille quickly came up with the idea of using a montage of travelling shots as a metaphor for the dynamism of the research centre. The camera would be in continuous motion, showing how the centre was constantly moving forwards.

We then met with the Biomedicine team to determine which aspects of the Centre’s activity should feature in the film. There was so much to say that, as is often the case, Jo’s job as scriptwriter was to cut right back to the essentials, the elemental message of why Biomedicine at MMU was so inspiring.

Jo and Guille worked together to draft a script and storyboard that worked harmoniously. Jo recruited actors and extras to feature in the scenes alongside university staff and students. She also sourced a makeup artist and a voiceover artist, with Professor Slevin and his team having the final say on whom to recruit.

Filming took place over four days at the university. Our team had access to labs, lecture theatres and research suites at very specific times, so careful planning of the filming schedule was crucial. To give the footage that extra wow factor, we asked our drone partners, Lunar Aerial Imaging, to film the brand new Birley campus building, which features a large scale MMU logo and looks very impressive on camera. The finished film has been used to represent the Centre for Biomedicine to global markets and has been very well-received.

Another of the MMU research centre that asked us to produce a promotional video for them.

Viva la Zoom were brilliant to work with from the word go! They quickly understood my vision for our Centre for Biomedicine promo. Jo worked closely with us to develop a voiceover script that spans the breadth of our achievements and accents our vision for the future. Guille was enthusiastic about the potential for creating stunning footage of our labs and cutting edge equipment and he certainly delivered, with a film that truly represents the best that we can offer. They are intelligent guys, able to engage with complex scientific concepts and they were not the least bit fazed by our highly technical terminology.

They made the production process easy, even down to casting actors and a voiceover artist, allowing us the final say, but providing invaluable advice when needed. Their organisation was spot on and they went the extra mile, recruiting extras and filming an extra scene at short notice when we made a last minute revision to the script.

We were delighted with the aerial footage shot by Viva la Zoom’s drone partner Lunar Aerial Imaging. All in all I cannot fault their skill and professionalism and the finished film speaks for itself!

We will certainly be inviting them to help us with any future projects here within Manchester Metropolitan University”

Mark Slevin

Head of Research, Manchester Metropolitan University