Gazprom Energy // Online Event Promotional Video

With COVID restrictions stopping live events, many events are now online and an online promotional video is the perfect way to advertise!

Gazprom Energy’s annual Energise event is among the highlights of the energy professional’s calendar, comprising full day’s programme of speakers and networking opportunities. The event has always been incredibly popular, so when Gazprom Energy took Energise online, they wanted to maintain the same sense of vibrancy, community and added value from thought leaders with their finger on the pulse of the energy market.

The marketing team asked us to create a promotional corporate video that they could use to publicise the event and inspire delegates to join the day’s exciting programme from the comfort of their own working environments, be that home or office.

Inspiring Motion Graphics Video

Our brief was to produce an energetic, inspiring motion graphics promo video that delivered key information about Energise, from logistics such as date, time and how to join, to details of speakers and the topics that would be discussed.

We were excited to work with the Energise branding palette to create a virtual environment that used 3D objects to deliver those all-important messages. Motion graphics can be a very effective medium for using metaphor. We crafted a space that was dynamic, filled with movement and energy to symbolise not only the energy market but the powerful synergy of businesses working together.

We added a touch of humour, with a forest of pinwheels buffeted by the wind to allude to the turbulent year so far. The pipeline with colourful balls, represents the flow of energy to the consumer, which despite the turbulent times has continued to circulate. The abacus with beads darting back and forth illustrates a financial exchange that has never ceased to function.

Our aim was to keep the imagery simple, compelling and optimistic. The bright colours and fast-paced environment may appear playful, but their message is serious: success in these challenging times requires collaboration, hard work and ingenuity, which the Energise event will facilitate. The Gazprom Energy marketing team are thrilled with this online event promotional video, which has been very well-received by their delegates.

We'd love to work with you on your next video project!

We'd love to work with you on your next video production project.