CCP, Pioneers in Trauma Aftercare


CCP asked us to make a video to promote a very specific service they provide, counselling train drivers after they have experienced a fatality on the line.

The film was aimed at rail companies and used Virgin Trains as a case study. Filming took place over several days. We were lucky enough to be able to interview Virgin Trains HR staff and drivers at their state-of-the-art headquarters in Crewe, with access to a range of conference suites as well as a stationary train cab, which is usually used for training. We were also able to film a train driver en route, from inside the cab and we had access to a busy platform so we could capture cutaways of passengers boarding a train and film a lone figure standing on the platform edge.

With an interview-based film like this one, planning the interview questions in advance to elicit the right responses is vital. We also have to be ready to probe further on a particular issue if we find out something of interest. We are very good at setting interviewees at their ease so that they feel free to express themselves clearly on film. We are also conscious that if someone speaks in long sentences, it can be difficult to break up in an edit, so we know when to ask subjects to repeat a key point.

The interviews were the key to the success of this project. Dave Egerton, the train driver we interviewed was very engaging. It was clear that he was speaking from the heart so it was a matter of letting him express the situation in his own words and questioning him carefully on the real benefits he experienced from working with CCP. We filmed Dave in a stationary train cab which was an extremely tight space to fit two cameras, a cameraman and an interviewer as well as the subject, but we managed to position ourselves well to get some great footage.

Dave’s interview was so authentic and convincing that it lent itself to being the backbone of the video’s narrative, showing how an individual driver can benefit from counselling, with the other interviews building the bigger picture of how Virgin Trains as a company reaped rewards from its relationship with CCP. All the Virgin staff were very warm and genuine and we came away with the impression that the company really does care deeply about its employees.

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