Leaders in Sport – 3D Motion Graphics Services

When a successful international event is forced to go online due to Covid regulations, it’s vital that promotional materials match the calibre of previous years. Generating new filmed footage can be challenging during lockdown, but for our latest project with Leaders in Sport, the solution came in the form of 3D motion graphics services.

We’ve been capturing filmed event promos for Leaders for over a decade, so we had an in-depth understanding of their brand and the messages they wanted to deliver.

We worked with Leaders’ Senior Marketing Executive to produce a tight script that could be successfully delivered via onscreen text. Then we developed a storyboard that allowed us to incorporate these key messages into a dynamic 3D environment.

Leaders Direct 3D Motion Graphics Video from Viva La Zoom on vimeo.

“I’ve worked with Viva La Zoom for a number of years now and the service that the team offer along with the video execution itself, has always been of the highest standard. The breadth of video services they offer is widespread and I would highly recommend engaging the team for 3D animation and motion graphic production when looking to innovate and stand out with your edits.”

– Henry Breckenridge, Senior Marketing Executive.

Leaders 3D motion graphics video

We used the Leaders branding palette to ensure 3D motion graphics that delivered the same sense of style, verve and professionalism that is a hallmark of Leaders in-person events.

Our video showcased the benefits of Leaders Direct to a global audience, using London as an example. We created an animation of the London skyline with a road rolling out, complete with iconic double decker buses, to symbolise the traffic that Leaders is able to generate for participating regions.

A wall of 3D buttons was a quick, eye-catching way to show the high calibre of sponsors involved in the event. A key part of the message was the bespoke experience offered by the online portal and the ease of access to senior industry decision-makers.

We included a chat between delegates to show how the event could foster relationships between international stakeholders.

Moving 3D graphics are perfect for delivering impressive statistics quickly and effectively, as you can see when we swoop over the Leaders stats, ending with a 3D map graphic to illustrate the global reach of the event.

All in all, our 3D motion graphics service allows you to deliver key information in a stylish, economical way that leverages your brand values and leaves a lingering impression of a slick, high calibre event.

We'd love to work with you on your next video project!