We have been providing event and conferencing filming (and 3D motion graphics services) with Leaders in Sport on for over a decade now. 

The Leaders Sport Performance summit saw an impressive 302 delegates from 24 countries representing 25 sports from 130 different clubs all gather in one room. If that sounds like a lot of numbers then don’t worry, we condensed it down into our film to let you know just what this event had to offer!

From the 30th June to the 1st July in New York 600 of the sport’s most commended coaches, managers, sporting directors, technical directors and performance directors all gathered in one place to exchange knowledge, New York.

Knowledge that could be shared between sports, knowledge that each leader could take away and apply to their field. From recognisable faces such as Carlo Ancelotti or lesser known professionals who work behind the scenes, all of these leaders are the elite of their profession. When all of these men and women gather in one room it’s incredible how much knowledge and experience they bring to bear.

‘If you’re willing to listen, you can learn so much from so many different people.’Chris Weidman (UFC Middleweight Champion)

This summit is about more than just conversations. It is about bringing together professionals from different sports who wouldn’t normally meet in their daily working lives. The exchange of ideas is so valuable and they can really contribute to making each others sports more competitive and entertaining.

‘By coming to a conference like this, you just improve yourself and you improve your chances of being successful’Willie Desjardins (Head Coach, Vancouver Canucks)

Anyway… We definitely had fun filming this and we might be biased but we think it turned out great! Watch it below –