Lightwaves is an annual light festival developed at the Quays in order to illuminate the public spaces to make them welcoming and thought provoking.

This winter we got the opportunity to film it. So on a cold, dark winter’s night we grabbed our gear and headed to the Piazza. The first installation we began to film was the ‘cathedral of mirrors’. What started out as 12 black pillars began to light up as dancers interacted with the art piece itself, Motion sensors meant that each time someone moved by a pillar it transformed into a rainbow of colour and lit up the surrounding area.

The next piece of art we moved on to was ‘Amaze’. Like the ‘Cathedral of Mirrors’, this was also completely interactive. It was a maze made of mesh so that when four large projectors shone down on it from each side you became immersed in a dynamic display of colour. Constantly changing and constantly evolving, this was clearly one of the public’s favourites as we repeatedly saw adults and children alike exploring the labyrinth.

The final installation we filmed was ‘Intrude’. Intrude is a collection of gigantic 7M high rabbits with a very serious hidden meaning behind their quite humorous exterior. They are there to provoke thought on environmental issues as in the artist’s home country of Australia; rabbits are an out of control pest.  The size is referencing ‘the elephant in the room’ the problem, like our environmental impact, big but easily ignored.

When these pieces of art came together in Salford it transformed the Quays into a bright and magical place where even as people were coming in and out of bars they were stopping to interact with the exhibits. We were really lucky to have been a part of this project. If you weren’t able to see it in person then check out the film we made for it!