Back in one of the hottest Julys I can remember, we were asked by our friends at Section D to come to London to photograph one of the most exclusive areas of Belgravia, Grosvenor Square. The images were to be used in the brochure of Belgravia One, one of the Square’s most exclusive properties, which was undergoing a complete refurbishment with the creation of several luxury apartments.

In order to get the best perspectives of Belgravia One, I had to get up high, which meant spending most of the day traversing the roofs of neighbouring buildings. Like a cross between Spiderman and Mary Poppins, I surveyed the city from above, but with no webs or flying umbrellas to break my fall! I even took a couple of pictures from the Goring Hotel, famous as the birthplace of the Queen mother.

We used a technique called tilt and shift in which we use lenses which can alter the plane of shooting by moving up and down or from side to side. This allows you to create selective points of focus and increases the depth of field dramatically, isolating the subject matter from its surroundings.

It was great fun to play with and I love the effect it creates. The shift of perspective makes the scene below looks almost like an architecht’s maquette; the iconic London buses are like Dinky toys! This sets the building itself within the context of the surrounding area.

I hope they like the images as I risked my life in order to get them!