Life at Oundle School from Viva La Zoom on Vimeo.

After the success of the film we made to launch their new Modern Languages Department, Oundle asked us to come back and make a whole school promotional video. This film was to be screened at a gala dinner in Hong Kong, held to thank overseas investors in the school. The brief was to showcase the amazing opportunities that Oundle pupils enjoy to flourish academically and to excel in the school’s varied extra-curricular programme, as well as highlighting the school’s rich history giving a flavour of what life is like for overseas boarders at Oundle.

We visited the school with a team of three cameraman and a camera assistant and spent four days shadowing a selection of overseas pupils,interviewing members of staff and filming special events that were taking place, such as a music competition. It was to be a very intense few days and the preproduction stage was crucial. We collaborated closely with the school’s Director of Marketing, Rachel Vicary, to produce a meticulously-organised filming schedule, which allowed us to make the most of every opportunity to capture a wide variety of footage. Then came the real challenge; the edit! There is so much to say about Oundle that it was tough to squeeze everything in! Eventually we distilled the information down to this film, which was extremely well-received at the Hong Kong gala dinner. We think you will agree that this school promotional video has the wow factor to inspire prospective parents, pupils and investors alike!

We thoroughly enjoyed working with Oundle on this project. The school was extremely welcoming and the pupils and staff really were a delight to work with. We are looking forward to future filming projects with Oundle. Watch this space!