Back in December The Sun Newspaper asked us to do a special feature Jonny Benjamin documentary for their website.

If you don’t know Jonny, he was diagnosed with Schizoaffective disorder when he was 20 and attempted to end his own life by jumping off a bridge. Luckily, he was stopped by a stranger he referred to as ‘Mike’ who convinced him that he could get better. Around the time that we made this video, Jonny began a campaign named ‘Find Mike’ in order to find the man who saved his life, just so he could thank him. Within 24 hours, millions of  people knew about the campaign, showing their support with an explosion of activity on social networking sites. Jonny also appeared on National Television and his story was all over the newspapers.

Amazingly, the campaign was a success and Jonny really did find ‘Mike’ who’s actual name was Neil, and finally had the chance to thank him in an incredibly emotional reunion. Since Neil helped him turn his life around, Jonny has become a campaigner for Rethink Mental Illness, a Youtube sensation with thousands of views and subscribers and a book author, but most importantly, he’s learning to accept himself for who he is.

We love being able to be a part of sharing Jonny’s story, because we truly believe that he is an inspiration to others. By talking openly about his condition, Jonny is encouraging other people to do the same; sharing their troubles instead of letting it eat them away. I would like to think that by sharing this story, maybe we have even helped to save lives.