Every October for the last six years, we have been commissioned to to cover the Leaders Sport Summit at Chelsea FC’s iconic Stamford Bridge. This year our coverage was even greater as we had five teams in place. Three teams were constantly mobile, roaming the venue to interview delegates and sponsors and capturing the amazing buzz. Another team dealt with the green room where all the ‘Big Guns’ hang out before they go on to the stage for their conference.

So,  not wanting to do name dropping, some of the people we’ve interviewed and filmed this year include:
Carlo Ancelotti, Sam Allardyce, Andrea Agnelli, Greg Dyke, Joey Barton, Edwin Van Der Sar, Danny Ferry, Billie Beane among many many others.

As always, Leaders was an incredibly fun event to attend and film, not only because we get to meet some of our sporting heroes but also for the sheer variety of things happening. Leaders has a frenetic feel, which always keeps us on our toes and consistently capture great footage. This year we even brought our crane to get some high up shots, which look terrific!