Imagine an interactive sculpture made up of 300 LED-lit balloons that are intertwined to make a 10 storey celebration of art and technology. Well that’s exactly what Mini Burble is. More importantly this stunning art installation was resident at the Piaza at Salford Quays for a week and we were lucky enough to be able to film it!

This is Mini Burble’s first appearance in the UK outside of London, having already taken to the skies of Dubai, Hong Kong, Paris and Barcelona. Like our very own temporary northern lights, Mini Burble lit up the night sky for five nights, each night with a completely different and personal light show. Fully interactive, Mini Burble came with its own app which meant the public were in control of what colours it changed to. Next to the sculpture were several iPads with a small picture of Mini Burble where members of the public could choose a colour, paint the picture and the 10 storey sculpture would change colour in front of their eyes! Alternatively you could tweet in with #MiniBurble and a colour and the entirety of the sculpture would change to your chosen colour!

An angelic choir performance saw the sculpture take its first flight on Tuesday 14th July 2015 whilst the public got their tweets and iPads at the ready to see just what spectrum of colours Mini Burble could produce. The sculpture then flew each night for five nights before being welcomed down once and for all by a dance team choreographed by the award winning Boy Blue Entertainment!

We love filming this type of community project as it is always amazing to see people of all ages coming together to help create a stunning art installation. This kind of event celebrates Salford Quays reputation as a centre for world class innovation and art.

Think this all sounds too good to be true? See it for yourself!